Richpeace RPUM-NF28-4USW-2-10X10-T-VSA-LF1500
Year of construction 2020

Disposable Mask One-to-Two Production Line
RPUM-NF28-4USW-2-10×10-T-VSA-LF1500-NA-3P380(2 SETS)
Fully automated surgical mask machine with two conveyor tracks.
Suitable for 3 layers disposable masks.
Declared spee by manufacturer- 100 pcs/min.
Size- 5500mm×4850mm×2100mm (L×W×H)
Power supply- Single-phase 220V/50Hz or Three-phase 380V/50Hz
Power 20kW
Material- PP Nonwoven Composite Fiber
Mask Type- Medical Mask/Surgical Mask
Processing Mode- Ultrasonic Welding
Air pressure- 0.6 MPa
Installation Area- 5500mmX4850mmX2100mm (LxWxH)
Mask size: 175mmX95mm
Servo Motor- Panasonic/Schneider
Ultrasonic generator 220V, 20 kHz, 1.5 kW
Sensor- Omron/Sick
Pneumatic component SMC/FESTO
Operation Panel- LCD Touch screen
Belt- Samsung/Bando
Main Body- Assembly with welding and Aluminium
Bearing- NSK

1. The material stand is equipped with tension control device to ensure the fabric tension to maintain a stable value.
2. Three layers fabrics (top fabric, filter fabric and bottom fabric) feeding in auto-align, sides symmetrically welding by ultrasonic, and continuously cutting to mask pieces by welding roller, then distributed to two ear-loop welding stations to improve the production efficiency. Auto mask stack counting function after ear-loop welding.
3. The production line is 1-to-2 design. After the blank mask making machine, the blank mask will be automatically distributed and transported to the two ear-loop welding stations through the transmission system.
4. Nose clip is feeding and cutting automatically.
5. Ear-loop is cutting and ultrasonic welding automatically.
18.150,00 € 18.150,00 € 18150.0 EUR
Швейная машина
7.950,00 € 7.950,00 € 7950.0 EUR
Швейная машина
7.950,00 € 7.950,00 € 7950.0 EUR
Швейная машина
6.850,00 € 6.850,00 € 6850.0 EUR
Чернильныч струйный плоттер ALGOTEX CHX 18 2HP
Ширина печати: до 1,8 м
Скорость печати: до 75/90 кв.м./ч
Размеры: 2,60 x 0,57 x 1,17 м
Вес: 140 кг
Печатающие головки: 2 x Algotex специальные HP45 разрешение 300 dpi
Система смотки руллона: на вал или свободная бумага
Подключение: 110-240 В 50 Гз
Мощность: до 100 В
Плотность бумаги: от 20 до 75 г/кв.м.
Максимальный вес роллуна бумаги: 35 кг
Максимальный диаметр роллуна бумаги: 20 cm
Форматы печати: HPGL, HPGL/2, ISO
7.623,00 € 7.623,00 € 7623.0 EUR